Q: Where did you get the idea for DOMESTIC?
A: I wanted a story with heroines as the protagonists, and domestic violence is a timely subject. The idea of four abuse survivors exacting justice for those they rescued was very compelling. Coming with just punishments outside the law for abusers was fun and satisfying. I hope readers will enjoy it as well.

Q: How realistic is the premise?
A: I tried to make the story and characters as plausible as I could, but my first goal is to entertain the reader. It's escapist entertainment, so I used my share of creative license. My main concern was that the story and characters did domestic violence survivors and advocates justice. I wanted those who are living this crisis to be inspired by the story, and not disappointed.

The only experience I have with domestic violence is second-hand. I had several literary and logistical editors, including law enforcement and domestic violence advocates and survivors, who provided valuable insight. If there are any factual errors, don't blame my friends on the acknowledgment page.

Q: How much did you draw from the recent incidents of high-profile athletes for your story?
A: Those events gave me ideas, but only to flesh out a story and characters that I had already created. I started the book in 2012, shortly after publishing my first book, REDEMPTION AVENUE. The fictional characters do not closely represent real people, a la Jackie Collins. They are merely composites drawn from numerous examples, many of which readers would never guess. The usual suspects of recent years only confirmed that my original instincts regarding the story were correct.

Q: Do you think the recent examples of domestic violence in sports are part of a trend, or has it always been this way?
A: It's the technology that's changed. Ray Rice certainly wasn't the first athlete to be guilty of domestic violence, but simply the first notable name to have his abuse captured on video, and then shared via social media. Visual images have a more profound, visceral impact than simply reading or hearing a police report or news story. The stakes for high profile institutions like a professional sports league are exponentially greater, and abusers have less room to hide from the truth.